Intelegain Technologies is a certified software solutions provider that delivers unique enterprise IT solutions, making your most complex, mission-critical projects simple and easy to handle. We partner you through strategic implementation of technology, backed by solid domain and industry expertise. We integrate, automate optimize global business, using best-of-breed practices, sound advice, technical wisdom and results!

Intelegain helps implement and manage regulatory policies with software consulting and bespoke solutions to manage and monitor all your risk and compliance requirements. Intelegain also empowers risk and compliance professionals and businesses to execute their roles.

Our bespoke software helps build risk models and maintenance analytic, create enterprise-wide networks to standardize practices and procedures, manage documents and facilitate end to end management.

We are dedicated to the voice of our customers, offering our experience and expertise to understand and anticipate your needs. Our strong methodologies offer the added benefits of modularity, flexibility, scalability and absolute compatibility in delivering a solution. Our commitment drives us to support customers even after implementation.

Intelegain online maintains absolute transparency & control, allowing you real-time updates. The application helps you track the progress of your project, manage your payment and invoicing, keep in constant touch with the development team, view status reports, log a query, add tasks or receive feedback and alerts.